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The Game of Trash

An online Certificate course for school children

‘The Game of Trash’ is an online course about Solid Waste Management; specially made for school children. We are completely aware of the fact that though waste management is a very boring topic to hear, it is undoubtedly important. We wanted to deliver the topic interestingly to engage children and bring their attention to this very important issue. Hence, we created a Course by integrating interactivity and bringing attention to waste management in a fun-game-way.

Spreading awareness & sensitizing children at an early age towards the garbage issue, introducing them to the decentralized waste management system and encouraging them to participate in the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ are the key objectives behind this course.

So far, we have completed 15 batches in 15 different schools, both English & Marathi medium. We’ve reached 6 districts from Maharashtra and 2 States of India. Though the schools were running online due to the pandemic, we were able to take this course to a very cheerful, online audience. Students were surprised to know about the bigger picture of garbage across the world. Interestingly, they seem to enjoy an idea-exchanging sessions of upcycling methods. They also loved to learn about composting & recycling.

This course was supported by SICK India Pvt Ltd. We cannot be grateful enough to them for investing their interests in the first step towards sustainability i.e. awareness.  We are also thankful to all the students who made this course lively and to all the wonderful teachers who took the initiative for their students.