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About the Organization

Green Works Trust (GWT) is a nature conservation NGO established on Earth Day in the year 2016.

GWT is a young, growing organisation committed to work towards nature conservation. The organisation believes in a holistic approach towards conservation and hence the conservation projects are multi-faceted and have multi-fold benefits; be it health and hygiene; or education; or livelihoods; or woman empowerment.

Established on Earth Day

22 April 2016

Registered on

26 December 2016

Meet The Team

The Frontline

Gargi Geedh

Education Officer

She holds a Master’s degree in Marathi and is a fine writer. She has a keen interest in nature, wildlife, photography and environmental topics. In GWT, she manages multiple verticals like waste management, tribal education, sustainable menstruation, nature camps etc.

Rupali Naik

Awareness Officer

An Arts graduate, a mother of two, and a mentor of many is an effective educator and a strong conservationist. She has been associated with GWT since the very beginning and she has been highly instrumental in initiating and anchoring awareness activities in her hometowns — Dhule and Pune. She started the first ‘Green Kids Club’ in Dhule and led several activities for children. She conducts educational and awareness programs on waste management for women and children through various platforms. She is the main speaker of our popular course ‘Kachra Nako Ga Bai’.

Akash Mhaisdhune

Education Officer

Akash holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Botany and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science. He has varied working experiences. He has worked in the environmental education and waste management awareness space. He comes from a family of farmers from Nasik and has firsthand experience in crop cultivation. He has worked with communities at locations like Radhanagari and Dajipur. At present, he is leading our Tribal Education Project based in Raigad District near Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Sonam Patil

Assistant Education Officer

Sonam is pursuing a Master’s degree in Arts. She is a local villager from Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary. She has a keen interest in wildlife, travel and books. She has been associated with GWT for many years. Currently, she is working on the Tribal Education Project.

The Champions

Nishikant Tambe

Popularly known as Nandu Tambe, he hails from a village called Shiravali, near Chiplun. Being an animal rescuer, nature guide, trekking, photographer… he is a complete package. He is a one man army for the conservation of forests. His passion for conservation has led to restoration of a forest on his 32-acre land which we call Nandu’s Sanctuary. Though started as Nandu’s initiative, the restoration of this forest is now GWT’s project led by Nandu, himself.

Sarvesh Abhyankar

A fine naturalist by profession, he has keen interest in birding, butterflying and herping. He has been associated with GWT since its inception and has participated in all the initiatives of the Trust. He has led nature trails and camps, has conducted workshops, conducted surveys and many activities in urban and rural landscape.

The Advisors

Nayana Shanbhag

A pathologist by profession and a philanthropist by nature, she has been instrumental in the establishment of this organization. Be it providing seed funding, providing management advice or facilitating fund raising, she has been an important pillar of this organization.

Vaibhav Patwardhan

He is a practicing Wellness Mentor, Dietitian and Nutritionist. He is knowledgeable about reptiles and amphibians, and has been working as a snake rescuer for the past 2 decades. He is actively involved in the various activities and initiatives of the Trust. He is highly dependable and is always just-a-call-away for any help and guidance that is required from time-to-time.

Mandar Natu

He comes from a sound corporate background and brings along a vast experience and expertise in management. He provides advice on administration, accounts and marketing of the Trust. He likes trekking and the outdoors and thus, he participates in the various activities of the Trust.

The Trustees

Nikhil Bhopale

Founder and Managing Trustee

He is a biodiversity expert and a committed conservationist. He has worked as an ornithologist and herpetologist on several research projects. His scientific papers have been published in internationally renowned journals. He has authored a field guide on birds published by Oxford University Press and BNHS. He is also a record-setter trekker and a fine wildlife photographer. He is the thinking ‘brain’ behind GWT.

Milind Pandit

Co-founder and Trustee

He has nearly 3 decades of experience in the corporate sector. He is a butterfly enthusiast and an avid Fine Art photographer. He is instrumental in providing inputs for strategic decisions of the Trust. He is the acting ‘spine’ of GWT.

Krupa Thakur-Patil

Co-founder and Trustee

She is a commercial artist by profession and an avid wildlife lover at heart. She has more than 2 decades of experience in the Publishing industry. She specialises in children’s publishing design and has a special interest in creating designs about wildlife and environment, which aid in spreading nature awareness. She is also associated with Maharashtra Forest Department’s ‘Mumbaikars for Sanjay Gandhi National Park’ for creating awareness to mitigate human-leopard conflict in leopard-dominated landscapes. At GWT, she is instrumental in project planning, team-building and fund-raising. She is the throbbing ‘heart’ behind GWT.

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Our Trusted Partners