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Ecozens- My Earth; My Responsibility

An Online Certificate Course for children.
(Conceptualised by Green Works Trust. Supported by Sick India Pvt Ltd.)

The 21st century became the era of fast fashion, single-use plastic and many easy-life promoted products. While all this was happening, the newer generations took the same user lifestyle. While all these were easing human life, the ecosystem of Mother Earth was getting largely affected due to the abuse of natural resources. Younger generations needed to understand the effects of unnecessary, overconsumption of natural resources and the importance of their conservation.

Green Works Trust always believed that ‘Conservation starts from Home’. After the success of ‘Basics of Conservation’ online course for adults, we thought that the message should be delivered to children as well. That’s when ‘Ecozens’ was created. It is a 3-day interactive course for children between the ages 10 to 16. The course comprises of a series of 7 sessions aimed at explaining conservation to young minds. It includes many aspects like an introduction to ecology, natural resources, their importance to life on Earth and how their exploitation will affect humans in the long run. The topic of conservation was presented in an interactive and engaging, yet impactful way. The children were given all this knowledge in a fun manner where they’ll be inspired to follow the minimalistic lifestyle starting at a tender age. Examples given to them were based on the life of school-going children where they can relate better with the concepts of ‘Need, Want, and Greed’ in the manner where they can see it in their own life. Participants were awarded a certificate on successful completion of all 7 sessions. We also conducted this Course in Marathi which was titled ‘Sauvardhanache BaalYoddhe’.

With support from SICK India Pvt. Ltd., we have finished 13 batches by the end of January 2022. The course has received more than 700 registrations from 18 states and 4 Union territories of India. Children seem to love the series and have decided to start with small changes in life like refusing the use of plastic wherever possible, tissue paper, unnecessary shopping, overuse and misuse of natural resources. They have decided to utilise every commodity carefully. We sincerely thank SICK India Pvt. Ltd. for their support for such a unique awareness course for children.

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