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A Report of

Natural Disaster Relief Work

Conducted in areas of Chiplun, Mahad and
Sahyadri Tiger Reserve near Koyna Nagar

in July-Aug2021


Impact of disaster at Chiplun

The Konkan region is known to have a massive rainfall every year. Severe rainfall for non-stop 5 days left Chiplun, Ratnagiri, and few parts of Kolhapur and Satara districts underwater causing landslides and floods. In some parts of Chiplun, water elevated above 20 feet. Many bridges broke, trees collapsed, roads were blocked, and a lot of homes got destroyed due to flood, many were filled with water and mud. Many homes were wrecked and destroyed. The flood also took everything that was in the homes. The flood was compared with the flood of Mumbai of 26th July 2006.

The flood left all the people stranded while being homeless, hungry, drenched in rain with no shelter or any ray of hope.


On-field relief work
Chiplun (24-31 July 2021)

GWT chose to provide relief in unattended villages near Chiplun.
Providing Drinking Water

GWT provided around 60,000 litres of drinking water, food & essential material to more than 690 families in flood-hit villages named Shankarvadi, Murdapur, Map, Peth, and Markandi. In such situation plastic pollution becomes bigger evil to destroy environment in future. Hence, to avoid such situation we took precaution and provided water through large containers. Locals were

Arranging Medical Camps

Along with basic needs like water & food, immediate medical attention was also required. GWT arranged and hosted a team of 11 doctors to attend to patients in Shankarvadi and Muradapur on 30th July and in Malevadi and Muradapur on 31st July. Out of the 11 doctors, 4 doctors treated more than 650 Patients for Common cold, fever, cough and fungal infections like athlete’s foot. Injured patients were also given a Tetanus toxoid shot. And 7 doctors were deployed to work with few other NGOs who were also carrying out relief work in neighbouring areas


Impact of Disaster at Sahyadri Tiger Reserve:

It was not only Chiplun which was affected by heavy rains. Even Satara district especially areas near Sahyadri Tiger reserve & Koynanagar region were also affected by natural disaster. Human habitation got affected by landslides. Worst part was, because of landslide all the modes of communications were disconnected. Fortunately, Team GWT got to know about it from some volunteers and team decided to support locals of above-mentioned areas. Villagers from Gokul Nagar, Baje and Mirgaon were relocated to Koynanagar, for safety. More than 500 locals were shifted as their homes were devastated due to landslides.

On-field relief work

Sahyadri Tiger Reserve near Koyna Nagar: (1-3 August 2021)

reaching to disaster-hit areas survey was done and as per requirement team sent 300 KG Rice and 200 KG Lentils. Team carried 100 kits of cloths (each kit included towels, napkins, and bed sheets) and 43 solar lamps were also provided in the same area.


Survey also revealed need of clean clothes. Hence, we decided to provide 100 Petticoats. In villages like Nawaja, Manai Nagar, Vaje, Dicholi and Dhangar Vada, more than 200 families were severely affected by landslides. Team reached there with 250 kits of ration (Each kit included 3 KG Rice, 3 KGS Flour, 1KG Edible Oil, 1 KG Salt, 1 KG Sugar, 1 Bathing soap and 1 cloth washing soap). Along with ration kits, we also provided more than 200 Packets of noodles, 3 Boxes of biscuits, 100 ready-to-eat food packets, and 360 Litres of drinking water.

We are proud of our team; it was first to reach at spot and on-time to support needy locals. At the same time, we felt depressing that no government body or local organisation could reach there to support them when it was needed.



GWT team could do all this work by visiting places where natural disasters have hit. But all this work was not possible without our helping hands and generous donors.

Organisational Support:

Anshu Foundation, Maanuski Foundation, Nishigandha Polymer, SICK India Pvt. Ltd.,
SP Peoples Trust, The Bridge Public Charitable Trust, Tridhatu Minerals, Vatsalya Foundation.

Doctors’ team:

Dr Gangan, Dr Gosavi, Dr Kelkar, Dr Potdukhe, Dr Rohit, Dr Salvi and others.

We thank all the donors for timely support which helped hundreds of people.