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Medical checkups and treatment

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Green Works Trust (GWT) has been closely associated with Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary for years. While working with tribals, the need for medical attention surfaced.

Tribals have limited themselves to benefit from medical facilities due to myths and beliefs. Though the picture is changing today, medical facilities are far from their remote hamlets. Traditional medicinal knowledge usually helps to cure general illnesses and injuries. However, specific areas like eye care often go neglected.

GWT organised medical check-up camps in 6 tribal hamlets in 2023. About 290 patients were checked in the camps. Free medicines were given to the patients suffering from cough and cold. Many patients were detected with a developed cataract. The GWT team personally took each patient to the nearest ENT medical facility (which is 30km far from the hamlet) and followed up with the treatment procedure. A few patients required special treatment in Mumbai. The GWT team paid personal attention to their needs and assisted throughout the treatment.

In tribal regions, several other health concerns require attention like skin infections and diseases, vascular problems, physical injuries, anaemic conditions, STDs, tobacco and alcohol addiction etc. GWT is trying its best to connect tribal communities with proper medical and mental health services.

Medical checkups and treatments require a lot of collaborative work. Local medical professionals, transport service providers, funders, and social workers have played a crucial role. We are thankful to Draeger Safety India Pvt. Ltd. for supporting this cause and giving an opportunity to work in an untouched region. We are grateful to Dr Rajaram Hulwan and his entire team of Manuski Pratishthan for meticulously checking every patient’s health and conducting a counselling program for them. Special thanks to Dr Sanjay Patil for guiding us from time to time and boosting the morale of the on-ground team. Our sincere thanks to Anshu Foundation members for volunteering with us. And a heartfelt appreciation for Bagwe’s Nature Inn and Neel Garden Resort for arranging food and accommodation facilities for the team in remote areas. Lastly, we are grateful to the entire on-ground team of ZP school teachers, Anganwadi sevika, AASHA workers, local politicians, and many more.