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Cut the Crap


Waste dumping is a serious concern today. Unmanaged and untreated waste is polluting our ecosystems, contaminating our food and water, microplastic is entering our bodies, aesthetic degradation of natural landscapes is affecting tourism and the continuous demand for plastic is causing resource depletion.

Thus, waste segregation and material recovery are necessary to prevent further damage. However, in India, waste segregation at source is the biggest challenge. To stimulate segregation, GWT initiated the project Cut the Crap.

How does this project function?

  • GWT conducts awareness programs on the usage of plastic, its impacts and why material recovery is important. Following that the briefing sessions are conducted on how to segregate the plastic to gather it for a plastic collection drive.
  • GWT encourages school students to bring their household clean and dry plastic for recycling every month.
  • GWT facilitates the plastic collection drive and connects the schools to recyclers.
  • Rudra Environmental Solution India Ltd. from Pune is a plastic recycler and conducts plastic collection drives. They regularly collect the plastic from scheduled places.
  •  The idea behind this project is to create a self-sustaining system of plastic waste management where schools and recyclers work independently so that no further intervention will be required.

Through this intervention, GWT has reached out to 1540+ students, and 50+ educators and has facilitated the collection of over 207 kgs of plastic waste. GWT is planning to expand the project in Pune and in other cities and villages to support the existing functioning recycling systems.

GWT is working to increase recycling and lower the dumping in landfills to reduce air, water and soil pollution. Regular collection helps develop a habit of segregation and it normalizes zero-waste practices. It helps build a sustainable community and students get exposure to healthy practices at an early age.

If you’d like to be a part of this initiative, feel free to reach us. Click on the donate button to support the cause.